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How to Host a Breakfast at Tiffany's Themed Bridal Shower Like Serena from Gossip Girl

audrey hepburn, hollly golightly, breakfast at tiffany's

Dear Readers,

As a Gossip Girl fan and a Breakfast at Tiffany's fan, it should come as no surprise that I adored Episode 8: All the Pretty Sources, where Serena throws a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower for Blair.

Serena throws Blair a Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired bridal shower

Well, you don't have to be Serena Van Der Woodsen in order to be able to pull it off, though it would help if you are planning on giving away real Tiffany's jewellery as favours! The rest of us mortal would have to stick something affordable on a more modest budget.

Anytime you are decorating for theme party, the easiest way to make the biggest impact without spending a lot of money is by using the right colour scheme.

For a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower, the colour will obviously be the The Tiffany blue which is a sort of light blue/teal colour, white, silver, and of course black.

Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower invites

The first thing that guests will see is the invites, and this should set the tone of things to come. Like I said before, you can use the Breakfast at Tiffany colour scheme to create the effect without incurring much expense. If you wish, you can also add additonal embellishments, such as the invites can be tied with a ribbon, or bound with faux pearls, or come in gauze bag with a faux pearl necklace which guests are required to wear to the shower.

You don't have to a go to a fancy printing shop for the invites,  there are many templates which you can download or order online, a particularly good place to look is Etsy.

 Below are some ideas from around the web of the sort of Breakfast at Tiffany's ridal shower invites other people have used, and you can mix and match ideas to create your own unique invite.
Breakfast at Tiffany themed invites in black, white and Tiffany blue with audrey hepburn
4 different Breakfast at Tiffany;s themed invites

Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower invites, envelope is Toffany blue
Breakfast at Tiffany's themed invite with Tiffany blue envelope

Breakfast at Tiffany, bridal shower, invites, in tiffany blue
Breakfast at Tiffany themed invite cards

Breakfast at Tiffany themed Bridal Shower Decor/Ambience

Sticking to the colour scheme, you could cover tables in Tiffany blue tablecloth with white napkins ties with blue ribbons. Include white/offwhite flower arrangements, the vases can be tied up with ribbon bows in either Tiffany blue or black. Sprinkle around a bit off silver ornaments for added effect. Add a framed Audrey Hepburn, black and white picture, with Breakfast at Tiffany memorabilia at an accent table, or near the entrance. You can display faux pearls large sunglasses, pretty Tiffany style gift boxes, faux gems, cigarette holders etc.
Add fairy lights behind a blue curtain alas Gossip Girl,
Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower decor, chendelier,  fairy lights, tiffany blue curtains
Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower decor in Gossip girl

Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower decor
Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower decor
Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower decorm blue table cloths, white napkins and centrepieces
Tiffany blue tablecloth with white napkins and centerpiece for the bridal shower
Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower decor, bride ot be banner
Bride to Be Breakfast at Tiffany themed banner

Breakfast at Tiffany's centerpieces.

Cream and off white flowers, are usually the favourite for Breakfast at Tiffany  themed parties' flower arrangements as center pieces. you can also you use Tifanny blue candles in a silver ornamental candesticks, wrapped with blue ribbon, or string of pearls.
Carnations are cheap and affordable, if you wish you can use other flowers according to your budget.

carnations tied with blue ribbon in a glass vase
Simplicity at its best, a bunch of carnations tied with blue ribbon in a simple vase, makes a sweet centerpiece
Breakfast at Tiffany  centerpieces martini glass draped with pearls and sparkly jeweller
Get creative: an oversize martini glass (DIY prolly) draped with necklaces and faux jewls makes a fun centerpiece
Breakfast at Tiffany  centerpieces and flower arrangements white flowers in white assorted white vases
Vases of assorted sizes can create a more artistic center piece

Breakfast at Tiffany  centerpieces and flower arrangements, aqua, white and black colour scheme
Classic breakfast at Tiffany's brunch table
Aqua candelbra, really uses colour to create the right ambience for the bridal shower
Breakfast at Tiffany  centerpieces, candelbra, frames candles jewellery
Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower table center piece and decor

Breakfast at Tiffany themed menu for bridal shower

For some reason this is my favourite bit. I'm attracted to well presented food, like  Audrey's character is to Tiffany's. To keep with the classy them have a lot of elegant finger food, although you may want to include filling party staples such as mini club sandwiches, and mini sausage rolls to ensure hungry guests don't starve. My favourite bit is the desserts, You can have a tiered square sheet cakes with Tifanny blue icing and and white bow, so that they look like a pile of gift boxes from Tifanny's . You could further embellish the cake with strings of pearls, edible flowers., giant sunglasses et.c. You can have your choice of cupcakes  with Tifanny blue icing, and silver sprinkles. Tifanny blue macaroons in gift boxes are a popular choice and sure to be a hit. Don't forget to forget to mini croissants as that was Audrey's breakfat of choice in the movie.

You can serve sparkling pink lemonade in champagne flutes, orange juice (will go well with the croissants), and coffee! 
Check out these fabulous pics from around the web for more ideas.

Breakfast at Tiffany themed party food, bridal shower ,cupcakes
Breakfast at Tiffany themed party food, bridal shower ,cupcakes, black, white and tiffany blue, with black bows, and pearls and ribbons
Breakfast at Tiffany themed party food, bridal shower ,cake, with blue icing and a white bow
Breakfast at Tiffany party, bridal shower, food, menu, dessert, macaroons
Tiffany blue macaroons complete with pearls and all, so perfect for BAT bridal shower
Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower menu, food, finger food, party food, cupcakes,
Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower menu, food,cake,
Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower menu, food, cake with flowers and bows and pearl embellishments

Breakfast at Tiffany themed cupcakes, with sprinkles and mini cake toppers, jeweller, sunglasses, pearls
Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired cupcakes-Divine Desserts

Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower dress code:

Now you have two choices, a lot for people opt for all the ladies having to wear a black dress, but I feel this is a rather literal take on the theme. I prefer option two, ask everyone to dress up for a New York City cocktail party circa 1960, while only the bride-to-be dresses up as Holly Golightly complete with hair and make-up and a mini tiara.

You could buy the a similar black dress to the one Audrey wore, tiara and necklace for $42.99 for Anytimecostumes

All the guests can be handed out a long string of pearls to wear to add to the ambience. You can also  hand out these fake puffy cigarettes, which blow powder smoke, and if you can find a cigarette holder, now that would just be delightful!

audrey hepburn, holly golightly, breakfast at tiffany, dress up, dress code, black dress, pearls and tiaras, and gloves
Fake puffy cigarettes for the non-smoking party

Breakfast at Tiffany bridal shower party favours

There are a variety of gifts that you can give to your guests depending on your budget. Whatever gifts you decide to give can be either boxed and wrapped up with blue paper and tied up with white ribbon and string, or Tiffany style gift bags with blue tissue paper. 

You can choose from chocolates, candy, macaroons, compact mirrors, whatever you like.
You can also put blue and white jelly beans or M and Ms in a mini blue gauze gift bags. 
Chocolate wrapped in silver, in blue gauze bags would also be a cute option. 
Place mats, mugs, frames, in the Breakfast at Tiffany  theme would also work well, and add to the whole effect.

Bride and Co (U.K) stock mini silver chocolate hearts, sugar coated almonds in blue and white, and organza favor bags among other things

The gifts can be placed along with the place cards and add to the ambience.

Breakfastat Tiffany party favors, compact, lipstick, candle

Breakfastat Tiffany party favors, Tiffany jewellery, charm,
Real Tiffany pendant or charms as prizes for a Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower
Breakfastat Tiffany party favors, chocolate wrapped in silver
Breakfastat Tiffany party favors, candles, coasters, mugs, tea lights
Breakfast at Tiffany party favors, candles
Breakfast at Tiffany party favors martini glasses edged with blue
Tiffany blue edged martini glass favours for Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower
Breakfast at Tiffany party favors, bracelets, cuffs, jewellery
 Dahlings,  I hope you liked the post, this is what I hope my readers think of my blog...what a girl can dream, right? xoxo
Breakfast at Tiffany quotes with Holly golightly audrey hepburn saying dahling reading your blog is like having breakfast Tiffany's
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